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After graduating with a degree in Interior Design Ana Mari realized that what she really wanted to do was open up a home decor boutique. After a few years of working to save up, her hopes of opening her very own store came true, and in 2013 The Archive Gallery was born! Ana Mari's bright, clean and eclectic aesthetic brought a breath of fresh air to the South Miami area. Two years after opening, she took on a wait-list of interior design clients that had been knocking on her door to design their homes + spaces. Her ever-growing clientele list, managing the store, planning a wedding and renovating her house posed to be somewhat of an interesting juggling act. As a result, she made a conscious decision, in November of 2017, to close The Archive's doors. 

After taking a year to solely focus on interiors, as well as several business ventures (to be shared soon!), the itch to start up the store came back; only this time, with a slightly different creative approach. She decided to take The Archive Gallery and rebrand it into what is now known as, The Archive Studio. This up-and-coming website opens us up to a new world that showcases her on-line shop, latest interior design and branding projects, as well as a delightful little taste into her life as a newlywed, momma to her adorable dog, Savannah and so much more! 


MEET SAVANNAH    |   aka Savoonie