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Branding Questionnaire



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If you had just 30 seconds to explain your product to a customer, what would you say...
What is the purpose of your business (other than to make money)?
It pays to know who you’re competing against and what the industry norms are. Know them, learn from them, but do your own thing...
People connect through stories. Storytelling is an effective way to create and sell a brand image...
The best brands are built on great stories...lets hear yours!
Brand identity is vast and can include stationery, logo, product packaging, marketing collateral and others...
If so, what are they?
If you already have an ideal customer profile, we'd love to hear it. If not, what's your customer demographic and/or story?
This does not have to be just a verbal message. This is about how you want customers to feel each time they interact with your business. How do people feel each time you mention an iPhone?
This will help us understand what’s not working and what we need to fix/improve in your new design...
If we need to stick to some predefined corporate guidelines for your brand identity, it's better to know it upfront...